OUR FEATURES Payroll That Saves You Time

Automate Earnings And Deductions

Automate Earnings And Deductions

Tankhwa Patra is a novel solution, which makes salary transactions a simple errand. Tankhwa Patra simplifies payroll, automates processes, and stay tax compliant, all in one spot. Pull expense reimbursements into paychecks and run custom reports to get the data you need.

Custom Made Payrolls

Custom Made Payrolls

Tankhwa Patra is one of the best payroll systems which allows you to make changes in the fixed tax calculations and other services to work as per organizations’ policies and environment. It also includes the configurations which comply with the government norms and can be updated even if the government rolls out new policies or makes amendments to the existing policy.

OUR FEATURES Leave And Attendance Management



Automate your leave management process in just one click. It streamlines all the critical areas of leave allocation, tracking, managing, and granting/rejecting leaves with employee self-leave tracking features. Employees can check the status of leave whether it’s approved or not. A leave report is generated for each employee to keep track of their leave data and later on, salary is generated according to leave data.



Take the manual, administrative work out of employee time tracking, fixing missed punches, and reducing compliance risks. If your organization uses biometrics, Tankhwa Patra can fetch the data from excel sheets or CSV generated from biometrics’ devices. It can also be integrated with your existing attendance tracking system to fetch the attendance data.

Monthly Annual Entitlements

Monthly/Annual Entitlements

Tankhwa Patra lifts the burden of employee leave management by streamlining the process. Cut request processing times, monitor staff leave trends, track absenteeism and maintain company compliance, all in one place. With custom entitlements, from monthly leaves to annual, Tankhwa Patra covers all leave types.

OUR FEATURES Tax & Accessory Services

Tax Services

Tax Services

Behind Every Successful Company, There’s A Great Tax Payer From changing legislation to new tax forms, there’s a lot to keep in mind when preparing and filing returns. But you don’t have to do it alone. Tankhwa Patra manages the tax calculation once employees fill the tax declaration form. Deductions are calculated accordingly and the pay is disbursed on time. Trust Tankhwa Patra to accurately prepare, review, and file the necessary documents for you.


Digitally Signed Form 16 Generation

Form 16 is a statement of the TDS or taxes that have been deducted from your employee’s salary and deposited with the government. Form 16 helps your employees calculate how much tax they’ve already paid, and what is due to be paid in excess. Through the Form 16 tab in Tankhwa Patra Payroll, you can generate and issue digitally signed form 16s for all your employees.


Generate Statutory Return File Formats

Tankhwa Patra takes care of all your compliance requirements with your local and national authorities. All this is automated, so you do not have to do all the mundane work. Such as PF, ECR File and ESI Returns without any additional data entry work.


Professional Tax With All State-Specific Rules Built In

Professional Tax calculation and compliance forms vary for each state. Tankhwa Patra takes the pain away from all these variations. It automatically deducts Professional tax and generates compliance forms for each of the states.


Comprehensive TDS (IT) Calculations and e-TDS returns

Tankhwa Patra automatically creates a breakup of your allowances and deductions as per the IT department prescribed sections and creates TDS filing statements and challans for you to file electronically.

OUR FEATURES Loans With Multiple Repayments & Pausing Loan Deductions


Providing Loans With Multiple Repayment And Interest Options

Helping employees in need is no more an administrative hassle. Employees are extremely loyal to the organizations that help them in their times of need. Tankhwa Patra helps you streamline this process and makes it easy for your employees, HR’s, and Finance teams too. It helps you easily track and administer the loans and EMI management. Apply interest rates - simple or compound or zero interest, configure interest rates once and let Tankhwa Patra do all the math for you. You can change the interest rate calculations anytime during the loan tenure with multiple repayment options.


Pausing loan deductions for a specified period

Employees have pressing needs at times and would like to have a pause on their EMI payments for a month or two. Tankhwa Patra allows you to manage it all with a simple click of buttons!

OUR FEATURES Automated Payroll & Reimbursement


Extensive Expense Reimbursement Configuration

Receipts and reimbursement requests can pile up quickly. Our expense tool makes it easy to process expenses with ease and accuracy, without the paperwork. Now configure reimbursement policies and mandates, expense caps, and more. Employees can capture receipts on the go and get supervisor approval with a simple click. Change the way you manage expenses with Tankhwa Patra.


Fully Automated Payroll Processing

Tankhwa Patra is designed to make your life simple and our user-friendly UI is a testament to that. With a single click, you can access payroll processing and fulfil all the requirements of yours.

OUR FEATURES Generating Challans & HR Reports


ESI Computations and Challans

Configure ESI applicability and computation rules using Tankhwa Patra payroll for your full time and hourly employees. It automatically generates the filing outputs meeting the ESI office standards.

hr report

HR Reports

Most comprehensive attrition analytics. Whether you want to keep a track of your employee productivity or just review the attendance of your team, Tankhwa Patra’s HR reports give you a comprehensive insight into your workforce trends. Right from employee shift details to attendance tracking policies, you can generate any report you need. Curate and customize reports the way you need for your stakeholders.

OUR FEATURES Labour Welfare & PF Calculations


PF Calculations with ECR Generation

PF calculations with automatic electronic filing input. Tankhwa Patra allows you to set up your provident fund rules based on employee salary ranges or management bands. Configure provident fund to be part of CTC or outside CTC, At the end of the payroll, we will generate the electronic file format


Labour Welfare Fund Calculation and Deductions

Labour welfare fund contributions are mandatory in certain states. The computations and the filing requirements vary for each state and Tankhwa Patra will help you figure that automatically.

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