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Payroll Management

Overtime Payments

Tankhwa Patra offers an automated overtime calculation process to reduce the stress and workload of the HR’s.

Payroll Management

Structured & Fixed Salaries

Tankhwa Patra provides both structured and fixed salary structures for employees having different types of salary configurations.

Payroll Management

Compensatory Offs

If your employee works on a holiday for you, then make sure he gets a compensated holiday when he requires the same.

Payroll Management

Loans & Advances

There are some employees who take loans from the company or take an advance payment for some personal reasons.

Payroll Management

Reports & Registers

Tankhwa Patra will generate all the monthly and annual reports and sheets with just 1 click.

Payroll Management

Salaries According To ACTs

Tankhwa Patra facilitates your organization to configure these salary acts for your workers and work accordingly.

Payroll Management

Payroll Features and Benefits

All-in-one and custom made just for you.

Tankhwa Patra incorporates highlights that can automate the entire HR System in associations all throughout the globe! It can assist you with disposing of the relative multitude of manual blunders and errors in the main assignments like participation and compensation age!

Our flexible solutions help you tackle your biggest HR and payroll challenges today, freeing you from the tasks of today, so together, we can spend more time focused on the promise of tomorrow.

Tankhwa Patra likewise serves as per the different Nations’ government guidelines! Which makes it the Multinational Payroll Software. The organisation would now be able to select a completely agreeable finance framework.

Salary Slip Generation On Click

With Tankhwa Patra, salary generation is just a click away!

Our web application allows you to generate the salary slip of your employees just by right clicking your mouse! This seamless experience of salary generation is backed by the some other features of “Tankhwa Patra” such as, Leave Management, Attendance Management, Taxation Calculations, Loan and Advance Payment deductions and reimbursement, etc., 

Auto Form-16 Generation

Tankhwa Patra even automates the generation of government statutory documents for payroll processing such as Form-16. 

Form-16 can be generated for all the employees for their work duration at your organisation. Generation of Form-16 is backed by the TDS deduction which is also automated in the Tankhwa Patra. TDS can be deducted automatically in Tankhwa Patra as per your organisation’s policy.

Monthly ESIC Generation made easy

Tankhwa Patra enables you to generate your monthly ESIC challan just by clicking a button.

A pre-filled data of employees’ and employers’ contribution fetched while configuring salary structure does all the magic to generate the ESIC challan which is just a click away. Tankhwa Patra allows you to select the month and year to generate that specific month’s ESIC challan. 

Interactive Mobile Application

Getting online is easy. Succeeding online is a different story. You’ll need more
than just a beautiful website to stand out these days.

Virtual Remote Attendance

Users can punch in and punch out based on their geo location just by toggling a button. While doing so, their location will also be stored along with the time. In addition to that, organisations can also enable the users to punch in / out within the preferred diameter of location of their offices.

Visit & Expense

Users can fill their visit reports and expenses through mobile application, which can be reimbursed while salary generation. Also the expense will be sent to their expense approving authority for approval.

Payroll Management

User Records

Users can view their records such as, attendance, leave, loan and instalments, advance payment, overtime, and user reports.These user records can be viewed and managed by assigned admin as well through the live sync between mobile and web application.

Salary Slip

Once the salary slip is generated through the admin panel, users will be notified on mobile application and will be able to view and download the salary slip. In addition, users will also be able to view and download the salary slips of previous months.

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01. Create Account & Set Your Company Info

02. Upload Employee Data

03. Manage Leave, Advance & Payroll

04. Support for Payroll Cycle

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