Why an Attendance Management System is important to you?
Attendance Management

Why an Attendance Management System is important to you?

Attendance Management System tracks the working hours of employees.

The Attendance and Time Tracking system helps save time and effort calculating employee’s working hours. The system does precise time tracking for attendance, breaks, time off taken and clock in and clock out done by your employees. It prevents any type of errors in a record.

The Attendance Management System helps company remain compliant with FLSA guidelines by recording accurate, easily accessible employee attendance records. Employees mark their time and attendance in the mobile app. Software automates attendance management so that data is available to HR in real time.

This will help generate precise payroll and ensures that employees are compensated for their time.

Key features of Attendance Management System

In an organization every minute of efficiency matters. HRMS solutions like Attendance Management Systems make it easy for employers keep track of employee’s time and attendance.

There are a few features that every Attendance Management System should include. They are:

– Punch in and punch out capabilities: Manual time cards are bulky, inefficient and prone to causing mistakes. A reliable Attendance Management System should allow workers punch in and out, take lunch breaks and even request time offs.

– Integration: When it comes to preparing payroll, the attendance management system should quickly integrate with payroll software to calculate the employee pay accurately.

Employee leave management: A good Attendance Management System should allow employees request time offs. This includes taking days off for vacation, sick days or parental leaves.

– Cloud support: Storing data locally is a thing of the past. One should go for system that is integrated with cloud. Keeping all data in one place allows you and your employees easily refer to when needed.

– Attendance tracking: An efficient Attendance Management System helps track when your employees are in, and when they have missed a shift.

These features help your team be on track towards the goal, remaining efficient in other areas also.

Efficient Biometric Attendance Tracking

With an efficient Biometric Attendance Management system there are no tedious approvals over phone or emails. Cloud based Attendance Management System lets employees and managers tackle leave requests effortlessly. It saves a lot of time when responses are made quickly.

Sufficient information is available in real time that makes way for better workforce management. Biometric Attendance Tracking helps keep track of employee off-time which in turn leads to accurate payroll generation.

Easy customization

The Tankhwapatra software provides customization options for attendance to better suit your needs. The software has a highly flexible and simple structure to accommodate all your attendance specifications with ease.

You can set the working hours as well as shift timings through the use of this system. The software is flexible for particular employee, department or category.

Facial recognition

Online Attendance Management system has AI-enabled facial recognition. It has a selfie based process of attendance. Facial recognition makes attendance quick and foolproof for the employees.

This avoids proxy attendance and time manipulation ensuring transparency.

Geo Tagging and Fencing

Tracking your employees has become simpler and more accurate using the Tankhwapatra software. Managers can map their employees from mobile app. Facial recognition helps maintain precision within the system.

The software provides highly accurate in and out locations of an employee working remotely. Geotagging generates precise location metadata and is very quick. Tankhwapatra thus makes employee marking and management simple in real time.

Automatic shift schedules

It is critical for HR to manage rotational shift policies, and attendance of employees with real time accuracy. The Tankhwa patra software’s Employee Attendance Management software is very flexible.

In this system, you can create various shifts. Time and Attendance management can be scheduled automatically.Real time attendance can be maintained as shifts time tracking will be done according to schedule.

The Automatic scheduler is a big relief for HR department as it rotates shifts periodically according to customization. System can keep track of shifts and send prior notification to employees about their shifts.

Reports on a click

The Attendance Management system of Tankhwapatra HRMS software helps generate reports based on different parameters in our Attendance Management software. There is no need to make reports manually. You can select parameters such as late remarks, shift details, punch – in , punch – outs you want to make reports on.

HR employee can export reports for processing payroll to process error free payroll, have accurate attendance data like attendance details, shift details, overtime and much more. Attendance Management software is capable of fulfilling all needs of employee payroll.