Why Employee Appreciation is Key to Organization success?
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Why Employee Appreciation is Key to Organization success?

Innovative ways to show appreciation to employees

It is important to show appreciation for employee’s hard work and contribution to the organization. Appreciation is one important strategy that makes employees feel satisfied and supported for their jobs.

Appreciation increases employee engagement as company makes it a point to make them know when they are doing well. This can be done in a variety of ways starting from a simple thank you note to providing them monetary incentives.

The employees become more loyal to the company and to the leaders when they are appreciated for their hard work.

Importance of appreciating the employees

Employee appreciation is a basic human necessity. Employees feel more secure and it helps keep motivating them to keep doing exceptional jobs.

Employees have an increased sense of dedication and are motivated to go beyond their employer. The appreciation given by an employer to the employee makes difference in the day.

How employee appreciation improves your business

  1. Appreciation builds trust.
  2. Improves productivity and engagement.
  3. Employee turnover gets reduced.
  4. Reputation of the brand goes up.
  5. Leads to improved employee satisfaction.
  6. Quality employees do not leave company.
  7. Decrease stress as well as absenteeism
  8. Increases morale of the employee.

Some innovative ways to show appreciation

  • Appreciate them publicly

Give the employee a genuine compliment during a meeting and express your appreciation. Make sure to acknowledge their leadership skills so that others see how hard they have worked.

  • Appreciate achievements immediately

Immediately appreciate them for their achievements. Express gratitude in person.

  • Make it a culture

If the employee does good job always, make it a habit to recognize them frequently. Make or arrange a monthly social function or ceremony to which everyone looks forward to. To help strengthen relationships, promote a positive working environment.

  • Ignore minor mistakes

Try not to reprimand them for tiny mistakes like missing a deadline or forgetting a minor task. Rather make them try doing it again with full enthusiasm. Make them know that you value their efforts and you trust them to accomplish their goals.

  • Write a Thank You note to the person

If the achievement deserves more than a short “congratulations”, put your appreciation in writing. Write a handwritten mail highlighting their professional growth.

  • Give monetary benefits

Consider giving monetary benefits or equivalent to promote employees do their best job. Offering gift cards to local stores is a good way to start. For teams who achieved their deadlines before target dates, offer project based bonuses.

  • Give employees extra time off

The best way to show appreciation is by giving time offs. These time offs are time to do something other than work. Although most employees value monetary benefits, they may also value intangible benefits, like additional time offs. Being it a day off or providing monetary incentives, the tasks have become easy, thanks to the Tankhwapatra software.