How a Payroll Software simplifies managing Employee Salary?
Payroll Management

How a Payroll Software simplifies managing Employee Salary?

Payroll system: The basic need of every organization

Payroll software is the most important tool for small businesses and startups.

Today’s workplace is different from the ones our parents lived in. Businesses now are more fluid and they adapt more quickly.

A Payroll system is one way the HR can streamline business operations and reduce costs at the same time. A payroll system is a great way to track employee attendance. The system allows employers to see which employees are absent and for how long.

The system can be used to track employee’s vacation as well as the sick days. The Payroll system is a valuable tool for the employer to ensure that employees are productive and present.

The Tankhwapatra software is a versatile system that can be used to manage and automate an employee’s attendance. It can be easily used to monitor employee’s attendance as well as generate reports on employee attendance patterns.

The Tankhwapatra software can be used to manage employee shift schedules as well as automate the process of payroll calculation.

Managing attendance in multiple ways using the Tankhwapatra software

The Tankhwapatra software is a cloud based HRMS software that offers a range of features. These features help businesses manage employee’s attendance.

The different ways by which the employee attendance is managed is Geo Fencing, Face Recognition, Biometric Machines, IP based attendance as well as live location tracking.

Geo Fencing helps add multiple office locations. This allows employees to clock in and out if they are within a perimeter.

Face Recognition is a quick and easy way that verifies employee identity marking the attendance.

Biometric machines can be used to capture employee’s fingerprint as well as iris scans. IP based attendance allows employees mark attendance via specified IP address. Live Location tracking helps track employee’s location in real time.

How Tankhwapatra Payroll system saves you time and money

The productivity of an employee is most important for the success of a company. The Tankhwapatra software makes sure that the employees are accounted for during their work hours.

As the attendance process is automated, it eliminates manual data entry. The Tankhwapatra software automates tracking employee attendance thereby eliminating manual data entry.

The software helps identify patterns of absenteeism and take corrective actions to improve employee productivity. The Tankhwapatra software streamlines payroll processing, automating hours worked calculation along with leaves, holidays, week offs and overtime.

The Tankhwapatra software Attendance Management system provides visibility into employee attendance and leaves thereby allowing you to make informed decisions.