WE HAVE THE BEST Leave and Attendance Management System

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Application and configuration of leave

VERI-HR allows employees to apply for leave which can later be configured by their leave quota which makes it an automated leave management system. Organizations can configure their leave data as per their policies using Veri-HR. Users can apply for leave using pre-configurated data by filling additional required details. Users can check the status of leave whether it’s approved or not. Leave report is generated for each user to keep the track of their leave data. Later on salary is generated according to leave data.

Attendance Management System

VERI-HR provides the best solution for managing attendance of employees. If an organization uses biometrics, VERI-HR can fetch the data from excel sheet or CSV generated from biometrics’ device. It can also be integrated with your existing attendance tracking system to fetch the attendance data. Or if you like to implement a smart attendance system, you can visit us at: http://veritrack.co.in

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