Why you need an efficient Employee Reimbursement system?
Employee Reimbursement

Why you need an efficient Employee Reimbursement system?

Employee Reimbursement management with Tankhwapatra software.

You can enhance the employee’s expense reporting experience and employee reimbursement using the Tankhwapatra software.

Are you tired creating reports manually? Do you forget adding expenses and submit report or failing to add reimbursements in the expenses made by employees? The manual way of reporting expense has become a thing of the past.

Tankhwapatra’s expense management feature automates process from receipts to reimbursements thereby eliminating errors created by manual process. This helps save countless hours. Expense reimbursement management is recording and evaluating expenses as well as employee reimbursements.

It allows employees make expense reports as well as uploading snapshots of the receipts. The reports get forwarded to the appropriate managers.

You can also empower employees to apply for reimbursements with receipts. This automates expense reporting and approvals. Makes reimbursements and settlements online.

  • Expense Reporting

The Tankhwapatra software addresses issues for how to reimburse employees for their expenses. The software includes a reimbursement option that allows employees to apply for reimbursement as well as for the expenses they have incurred.

The same notification is sent to the manager for approval and if approved, the reimbursement amount will reflect on salary slip.

The software reimburses the expenses specified in the reports if they are approved. There are 2 options in software to make settlement to the employee. Add reimbursement amount to the salary of that month. The other option is to directly transfer the money into the bank account of the user.

How Tankhwapatra helps you manage expenses.

The company can configure categories in Tankhwapatra to meet its own needs. Various types of expenses like official travel, team engagement events, relocation, phone bills and other expenses can be recorded.


For the HR/Admin, the software helps define policies with an easy to find approval process. They can have visibility of expenses and reimbursement in a single software. The expense claim reports stay online always which can help in internal audits.

If employee applies for reimbursement, the admin will quickly get the notification. Admin can set limits to employees as to what amount they can approve reimbursement for their team.

For employees

The employees can easily file expenses using the Tankhwapatra software. They can have a process visibility over their expense claims. The receipts of the bill can be easily uploaded for claims. The reimbursement approval/rejection process is sent as a notification to the employee.

The team lead approves the reimbursement for the team working under them and if the amount exceeds their approving authority limits, they can forward it to the next reporting manager.

Reduce Turnaround time

The software saves time from printing out the expense reports and sending them for approval. It streamlines the approval process, as it eases out the bills receipt uploading. The admin can view the kilometers travelled by the employee, and this helps the admin keep track of dummy reimbursements.

The Tankhwapatra software has a unique feature of Live Location tracking where the admin can enable the location tracking of an employee.

The location of the employee can be tracked and recorded in the software. The Admin can view as to how much distance the employee has travelled and it is helpful for the admin in reimbursing the travel expenses.