How HRMS helps manage Human Resources Efficiently?
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How HRMS helps manage Human Resources Efficiently?

The Tankhwapatra software solves problems you thought you never had

For people working in HR, it becomes quite hectic with confusing tax deductions/allowances. This makes the pay slip generation process quite a mess.

An automated payroll system eliminates human errors thereby saving time as well as helping you stay compliant. By automating the payroll process, you can rest assured that the salary calculations are accurate and employees are paid on time. This helps you comply with all relevant regulations.

The Tankhwapatra software is versatile in managing core payroll tasks like calculating salaries with correct allowances deduction. It leaves no space for errors ensuring that employees are paid on time and in correct amount. The software helps automate important payroll tasks like expenses and reimbursement, TDS deductions as well as loans and advances.

Benefits of Tankhwapatra’s Payroll management system

Automatic Payroll calculations

The Tankhwapatra software helps bring down processing time and reduces errors in the calculations.

  • Helps create salary structures for different employee groups.
  • Manage salary revisions and incentives.
  • Helps pay salary directly from software to employee’s account.
  • Manage TDS deductions.
  • Generate salaries with single click.
  • Manage overtime and other salary adjustments.

Expense and Reimbursement Management

Using Tankhwapatra’s expense reimbursement system, you can avoid surplus expenses and create an expense approval chain.

  • The software helps reimburse travel expenses based on kilometers travelled.
  • The system helps set a max limit for each employee for approving reimbursement.
  • Using the software, you can set hierarchical approval procedures.
  • Helps validate expenses through bills expenses uploaded by the employee.

Loans and Advance Management

The Tankhwapatra’s Loan and Advance Management system helps employees apply for loans and enjoy concessional loans and advances.

Using the software you can

  • Manage your EMIs.
  • Track loans taken.
  • Set automatic EMI deductions.
  • Helps create transparency to employees as they can see the outstanding loan all the time.

Statutory compliances

The Tankhwapatra software helps create multiple salary structures and helps ensure you stay out of trouble by staying compliant with different statutory compliances.

Using the software you can

  • Create salary structures for different departments.
  • Adhere to Government norms by following statutory compliances.
  • Calculates allowances and deductions as per your company policies.

Calculate PF, ESIC, LWF, HRA etc.